Dandelions. It's what's for dinner.

When I told my friend Gina that I was writing my next post about dandelions, she said,"Great! So, how do you get rid of them?" Wasn't she suprised when I replied, "You eat them!" Dandelions are the delight of many young children, often the first "flower" they pick into a beautiful bouquet. They symbolize clarity, illumination, and survival, and is a tonic herb aiding digestion, supporting liver function, and maintaining urinary health. When the leaves are young and tender, they add texture and a nice punch to salad greens. When steamed, the flower tastes a lot like artichokes. Even the root is edible and when roasted, it's an excellent addition to medicinal teas, with a flavor similar to cof

Throwback Thursday? Well, sort of.

In our area it is not uncommon to get a foot or two of snow overnight when the north winds pick up moisture on Lake Michigan. They shed weight as if emptying their pockets after a day on the beach, sending snowflakes rather than sea shells cascading to the ground. Though I’m the first to admit I am so done with winter by March, I wish everyone could experience the sheer joy of waking up to fresh snowfall that has blanketed the whole outdoors in sparkling white. So in honor of days too cold to get out and in remembrance of warm cookies made with love, I want to dedicate this week’s post to baking. Now, I warn you, my children are pushing thirty. My husband would rather have one more pork ch

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